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5 Tactics To Boost Your IELTS Speaking Score

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a must to work, study or settle in a country where English is considered a native language. These countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA & many more. Anybody aged above 16 can appear for IELTS irrespective of their gender, nationality, or background.

In IELTS, aspirants face more difficulties in English speaking as compared to writing. While speaking, many struggles with their fluency & confidence just because they had gone through inappropriate training & guidance. But understand this, there is nothing to fear if you have indulged in proper preparation. While speaking, everything happens on the spur of the moment so you have to be spontaneous & reflective while speaking. Here are the 5 tips & tactics which will help you to gain more proficiency while speaking:

As they say, too less & too much information is as irrelevant as others, it applies while speaking too. The more you stick to the topic & the crisper you are, the more effectively you can convey your thought process to the listener. So instead of wasting time elaborating & going off-topic, one should just stick to the topic & speak accordingly.

Sometimes even after being good at English, people struggle with fluency. Being fluent is just getting the right words at the right time. For this, you have to increase your vocabulary & practice speaking often in English. This also helps you to hunt for a better & effective choice of words while speaking & thus bringing you closer to being fluent.

Don’t Speak Prepared an Answer:
More than just about conveying your information, speaking determines your spontaneity too. If you have a habit of memorizing the answers & then reciting them, then this is not going to help you because there will be many random & of the box speaking situations where this memorizing won’t help you. Therefore, one should work on developing your speaking skills than memorizing answers.

Avoid Speaking In Monotone:
The tone of your speech is as important as its fluency. To make your speech effective, you should vary your pitch at several points to make it sound comprehensive. The more natural you keep your speaking, the more is the listener engaged.

Don’t Panic When You Make Mistakes:
Mistakes are completely fine & acceptable while speaking because when you are talking, you can misspell or use the wrong words in a hurry or even you can fumble while speaking. So if you are quick to accept & correct your mistakes, then go for it. This will also indicate to the listener your consciousness while speaking.

So, these were some valuable tips for preparing for your IELTS speaking test. To know more about IELTS & to seek further guidance, Scholars Abroad is always here for you. Get in touch with us & we are here for you will every guidance & assistance you need.