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Singapore is an island city in South East Asia. It has 63 islands, including the main-Singapore Island. It is ranked as the 4th largest financial centre and considered as one of the busiest ports in East Asia.
The country is considered as a major commercial hub in the world.
Singapore is known of its tourism which makes it a favorite for overseas vacations; safari, underwater activities, night clubs, food and shopping. It has now gained popularity in terms of educations as well. With a variety of courses, it also gives promising future for International students.


With a great economic stability and growth, Singapore has made its mark in higher education. With a variety of courses in graduate and post-graduate programs, the education system here is far more affordable when compared to other overseas locations. This is also one those countries that offer numerous scholarships to International Students.

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Affordable in terms of tuition fee and Living cost. Well connected with rest of the world. Good opportunity to work.

These tests would depend upon the course you want to pursue. However, the eligibility criteria may differ from institute to institute.

It will advisable that you have medical insurance when you travel abroad.

Yes there are. As an international student you have the option to work for up to 16 hours per week during term time.

Singapore is a multi-cultural country where people from all over the world have settled there. Also being a commercial hub, prospective people planning to work their come in a large number every year and it has been a comfortable them.