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United States of America is the most economically progressed country in the world. Through its hard work and dedication, the country has reached a position where it is known as a super power. The USA is a hub for major research and development programs, and is a pioneer in discoveries and inventions. The country has attained an envious position in terms of lifestyle and growth, and continues to hold the same.

A large portion of the country’s expenditure is invested in education and is home for many prestigious universities. Every year a lot of immigrants come down to USA either for studies or work opportunities. And because of this it is a country with multi-culture inhabitants.


The US has over more than 4,500 colleges offering over 800 fields of specialization and is recognized worldwide. Approximately, more than 100,000 overseas students come to the US for higher education every year.

Fields like Engineering, research and medical is something that these universities are known for. The environment in these universities gives you a sense of independence and freedom which overall develops your personality.

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Its home for most reputed universities across the world and for students it’s a dream come true to study here. To add-on you even have a bright career after that and you may get lucky & get selected by one of firms in USA.

Yes you will have to give these tests but will depend upon the kind of course you select.

It will advisable that you have medical insurance when you travel abroad.

Yes, only if your course demands so.

Yes it is if you are selected by a US company but you will have to follow another procedure to get a working visa. In some cases these companies may even sponsor you visa.

Yes there are. As an international student you have the option to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time during holidays.