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South Africa is an economically developed country within the African continent. It is one of the most prosperous places and has made a mark around the world. This place is popularly known for its fight for freedom and NELSON MANDELA who was an icon for peace and fought against racism. Post its fight against racism, South Africa welcomed people from different creed, caste and race. There is a lot more to South Africa than just tourism and sports (especially cricket).

The restructuring of higher education system in 2003 has widened access to tertiary education, benefitting both domestic and international students. Today the country has positioned itself as an ideal location for continuing studies for overseas students as several companies across the globe have opened up their facilities hence allowing for ample job opportunities to students across various disciplines.


South African universities are world-class academic institutions and offer varied courses to students, both domestic and international. The country has 23 public higher education institutes that offer range of course and research options for both local and international students. These universities are governed and constantly analyzed by Ministry of higher education and training which encourages them to meet the international standards. Unlike other countries, South Africa invests approximately 20% of the state expenditure on education.

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No you donโ€™t in most of the South African institutes. However eligibility for courses may differ. For that you need to enquire directly at the institute office.

It will advisable that you have medical insurance when you travel abroad.

Yes, only if your course demands so and it will require extra fee submission.

Yes there are. As an international student you have the option to work for up to 20 hours per week.

South Africa is regarded as one of the most culturally friendly country by many of our international and local visitors. That is precisely why it is also known as โ€œRainbow Nationโ€.

No you wonโ€™t be able to do that. You need to apply for a different visa if you are planning to study here.